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Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM


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Why Illustra Business School

Learn from a Master

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM is one of only 13 Certified Image Masters in the world. And she is ready to teach you everything she knows.

Certification Courses

All courses are certified through Illustra Business School. And many are certified by AICI to earn AICI CEU's if you are qualified.

Exceptional Materials

The workbooks, handouts and other materials provided in the courses are the best in the industry.

Alumni Discounts

Once you become an alumni, you are eligible for special rates on future courses and any Illustra Business Coaching program or product forever.

Ongoing Support

As an alumni you become a member in the Illustra Forums where you have access to ask questions whenever you need help in your business.

Make extra money

Once you become an alumni, you can earn extra money if you refer someone to a future Illustra Business School course or an Illustra Business Coaching program.

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Certification Courses
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